About Christina

Christina Vrba has been writing since she was eight years old and her grandmother gave her an antique manual Smith Corona typewriter.  She still misses the sound of keys striking paper, and that glorious PING-whizzzzzz of an electric typewriter when you hit "return."  Since then, she has written articles, opinion pieces, a chapter on Internet etiquette for Tripod's Tools for Life (Hyperion 1998), a picture board book she's absurdly proud of, and more fan fiction for various universes than she'll admit to under duress.

If Christina's life were seven JEOPARDY! categories, they would be...
  1. Walt Disney World
  2. Small Animals 
  3. Superheroes 
  4. Animal Communication
  5. Dragons and Mythical Beasts
  6. Starts with a C
  7. Children's Literature
Christina credits early exposure to JRR Tolkien and Sesame Street for her love of writing.  She named her blog after a song from the latter, and has adopted it as her personal theme song.

Where Else to Follow Christina:
  • ComicbookMama on Tumblr - Christina's personal Tumblr, focusing on comic book fandoms, literacy, and geek parenting.

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