Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Post of 5's

I think this will be a good filler post template... just a "quick 5" to make myself write something coherent.

  • WHAT I'M WRITING - Lesson plans for a memoir unit, revisions to Joefic Lykoi, not much else.  Sigh.
  • WHAT I'M READING - We Bought a Zoo by Benjamin Mee
  • WHAT I'M LISTENING TO - Nothing at the moment, but the Geek Mom podcast is next up when I have a second.
  • WHAT I'M DOING - Contemplating if I'd like to teach a lower grade next year, pondering what's holding me back from sending my picture book manuscripts out on the query circuit.
  • WHAT I'M WISHING - That I had the money for the Robert Atkins pledge commission I'd SOOOOO like to have... but alas, I don't.  Whimper.


  1. Are we getting more of Lykoi??? :) PLEASE SAY YES!

  2. Possibly. I'd like to flesh out the original - I've got the scene where Snake Eyes finds the link to Khalikhan in mind, and wanted a bit more of the history between him and Scarlett written in. I also found a few inconsistencies that need clearing up. So... probably. Yes. :)