Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ode to Joy - Beaker Style!

I had an utterly horrendous day at work yesterday, and today was saved from being much the same by two facts:

  1. I took a "mental health" day.  It does NOT do to have a complete nervous breakdown in front of one's students. 
  2. I found this clip on YouTube while looking up Victor Borge's phonetic punctuation sketch for tomorrow's mini lesson on types of sentences.  "Ode to Joy" is one of my favorite classical pieces... and the Muppets are one of my favorite joy-bringers.  And so, I share this, hoping it will bring joy to someone else as well.

Here's the Victor Borge clip I was looking for...

And this is just too cute, and must be viewed after watching the Victor Borge original.

- CV

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